New look website for Ocean Laser

We've been making some improvements to the Ocean Laser website over the last couple of months.

This is part of our ongoing plan to make Ocean Laser a better experience for our customers across the business. As well as changes online, we're expanding our range of materials and exploring options for more eco-friendly packaging solutions.

Pomeranian wearing glasses looking at an iPad


What's changed?

Firstly, we've updated the look and feel so that it's more in-line with our brand design. This gives us consistency online and the more intuitive layout makes browsing the website easier for you.

We've introduced more content, including:

  • Better product descriptions – so you'll know more about the product and be more confident about what you're ordering.
  • Information on wholesale and large orders – giving you the opportunity to save money through our volume pricing structure.
  • A materials section – showing clearly what we can provide and what's best for your product.
  • As an ongoing upgrade, we're investing in photography to give you a true impression of our product quality.


How does this help you?

Our customer focused approach makes your experience with Ocean Laser better.

Being clear about our product information and what you'll expect makes ordering with us hassle free. It allows you to put your trust in us to deliver a quality product on time and on budget.


What's next?

In-line with our vision and values we're developing resources that benefit you, our customers. These include guides for how to make the most of your ideas as well as templates so we can streamline the process of making your own designs a reality.

Going forward, we're growing our range of products – working with designers and makers to bring something truly unique to Ocean Laser. 

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