Our Story

Ocean Laser is a Laser Cutting and Engraving company based in the fantastic Ocean City of Plymouth.

Ocean Laser is owned and run by Andy Pearce.  For 5 years I have been running Rail Model manufacturing laser cut model railway kits.  www.railmodel.co.uk

Laser Cut & Engraved Model Railway Kits


I wanted to open up the amazing ability of laser cutting and engraving to everyone both business and public, the laser offers quality and precision and offers the ability to personalise something that "offers a value that is worth more than money"  


Laser Cut & Engraved Invites

Ocean Laser opens up laser cutting and engraving, we can personalise gifts, produce personalised items for special occasions, produce signs and displays, and engrave most materials. A service for everyone public and business alike.

Going forward we want to promote the ability of the laser and offer our quality service and quality products to a wide range of people. 


Laser Cutting & Engraving


"imagination has no limits"