Bespoke Orders


How to use our laser cutting and engraving service


 We are delighted to offer you our bespoke design, laser cutting and engraving service it's as easy as a.b.c


a)  If you have a design in mind or have your own files send them to us and we will return with a quote for the works and if required materials. 

b)  If the quote is acceptable we will send you a specification of the job for your approval.

c)  The job goes into cut and/or engrave and we send the work out to you. If you have a tight deadline we will work to help you hit that deadline

 If you don't have files and just have an idea we can work with a sketch of what you want or help you bring your idea to life.

Contact us either by phone, email or we are also on Facebook & Instagram

 We can cut and engrave

  1. Plywood's & most types of wood
  2. MDF
  3. Paper & Cardboard
  4. Foam
  5. Felt
  6. Rubber
  7. Leather
  8. Fabrics
  9. Gaskets
  10. Stencils
  11. Jewellery

Engrave Only:

Metal (this is sprayed with a compound that welds to the metal), we can also engrave glass, slate, anodized aluminum. 

Our service is ideal for individuals, students, architectural models, businesses, craft groups, jewellery makers and many many more. 

Contact us for more information.