Wholesale and large orders

Ocean Laser is committed to giving you our best possible price for our products.

The larger the order, the more efficient we can be in production, and we pass this cost-saving on to our customers.

So, if you’re sourcing multiple items for a promotion, a one-off event or retail, we can help you get the products you need – at great prices.

Wholesale for business and retail

All of our off-the-shelf items are available wholesale, whether you’re a retailer looking for a product to stock or a baker who needs a ready supply of cake toppers.

Large orders of bespoke items also qualify for discounts.

Designers and makers looking to sell their creations also benefit from our volume pricing. If you’ve got a creative concept you’d like to see realised, please get in touch.

Large orders for events

Need table decorations for your special day? Buying a batch of bespoke awards for a chic ceremony? We can provide you with what you need to give your event that extra touch.

We’d love to see your ideas, get in touch to see what we can do for you.

What counts as a large order?

Typically we view an order of 20 or more products as being large. However, we are able to offer a discount for specific products on orders as low as six. We’ve flagged each product’s unique price point, please see the descriptions on the individual product pages for details.

How do I place a wholesale or large order?

Sending us an email is the best place to start, then we can provide you with a quote and timescale. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have all the details yet but please give as much information as you can. Ideally we'd like to know:

  1. What the product is, or if it's a bespoke order an idea of the design’s shape and size
  2. What you would like it made from 
  3. How many you need 
  4. When you need the order for
  5. A contact email address

How much can I save?

Our prices vary depending on the product, materials and complexity of design.

Pricing is unique and is based on either volume or percentage discount depending on the nature of the order – so we can offer the best price to you.

Please contact us with details of your order and we’ll be in touch.